How great would it be to feel your best every single day? Most of us spend our whole lives taking care. Of our families. Of our work responsibilities. Of our never-ending to do lists. Often times, the thing that we forget to take care of is ourselves. My approach to working with clients is to help them gain a deeper understanding of the best way they can be eating in order to meet their health and wellness goals and then to help them learn how to shop for the right foods and prepare them in a delicious way. As a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, I have invaluable experience working with clients with medical problems as well as dietary and physical limitations. As a Certified Health-Supportive Chef, I have the skills to help you turn these into an edible plan of action that is both easy and delicious. Work with me and we can redefine what wellness means to you.

Nutrition Services


Nutrition Counseling

Are you dissatisfied with your current weight? Looking to incorporate new foods into your diet? Would you like to know exactly what you should be eating to optimize your health and increase energy? Work with me and experience the difference that motivational support and accountability can make in your life. I'll meet you at your home, gym, or workplace and we'll work together to create a plan that's specific to your needs and lifestyle so you have a clear path toward your health and wellness goals.


Kitchen Skills

Nutrition counseling is an important first step in making a plan that's right for you but learning practical, hands on kitchen skills is what brings effective change. You might want to get more healthy fatty fish in your diet, but if you don’t know how to prepare it in a way that you enjoy then it can be really difficult to make the necessary changes. That’s why I offer personalized cooking lessons and grocery store tours that can work with or without nutrition counseling sessions to help you make lasting changes.                


Corporate Wellness

Is your company looking for new ways to engage employees and promote wellness? I offer a variety of corporate wellness services, including nutrition workshops, individual consultations for employees, cooking demonstrations and group classes. Want to rethink your break room snacks? Want to switch out your normal office gathering in exchange for a fun and interactive cooking class? Contact me to discuss the many ways we can help improve employee wellbeing.

Client Testimonials


"April's wealth of knowledge and passion for what she does came through from my first visit. What was even more impressive was her ability to connect with everyone in the class and that she met each of us where we were at on our food journey. There was no judgment. I learned much more about food and eating healthy over the 6 classes than I had over my 50+ years on this earth. I finally got it!" -F.S.